Using Email to Build a Viable (Fiction) Podcast Business, Part Three.

Creating value across channels

  • Can we segment our podcast to reach our most engaged listeners in the feed? No.
  • Can we build profiles of what content our individual listeners are most interested in? No.
  • Can we reach our most engaged listeners with a clear call to action they can easily find and respond to when they are at their desks? Nope again.

What content to share via email?

How to know what listeners find of value in email?

So what content does work?

  • Create something to delight your fans with automation! See earlier in this series for more on this.
  • Share something personal, not about the show, but about YOU. People want to support creators more than they want to support shows.
  • Behind the scenes photos and videos from creating a new season.
  • Shows and content produced by other people that you actually enjoy and listen to. You are already a tastemaker your listeners trust and you can use that to help them find other shows and things they will also love.
  • EXPERIMENT! Have a crazy idea? Try it and measure engagement to see if it resonates.

How to build your list?

  • Can people find where to sign up for your newsletter on your website?
  • Does your newsletter have a link to a web version that can be shared via social?
  • Does your newsletter provider have a forward to a friend feature that you can enable?
  • Do you have a link to your newsletter in your show notes?
  • Have you mentioned you have a newsletter on your show (as audio in your podcast)?
  • When promoting your newsletter, are you actually excited about the content they will find there? Are you selling the benefits of subscribing?
  • Do you share your newsletter in social?

Setting Goals for you List



Sean is a brand marketer, podcaster and co-founder of Fable and Folly.

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