Using Email to Build a Viable (Fiction) Podcast Business, Part Two.

Using Automation to Delight Your Fans

  1. Notify patrons quickly on how to access their perks. I no longer rely on Patreon or any crowdfunding platform to do this for me, because that wasn’t working.
  2. Deliver exclusive content to our fans to thank them for joining our newsletter.
  3. Create interactive experiences for our fans, such as allowing them to explore the backstory of one of our shows with audio, text and more.

Creating Powerful Tag-Based Automations

A screenshot showing the configuration of the AWeber campaign we use to welcome new patrons of Civilized







View full image:
View full image:

Creative Delight with Automation

Creating Something Special with Automation
Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski and Eli McIlveen exhausted after a VERY long day.

In Closing



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