You’ve Created Your New Podcast Audio Drama — Now What?

The Hunt for Listeners

First, Find Your Emotional Supports

Every time we release a show, I expect it to be easier. It’s not. There is nothing more terrifying and emotionally draining than releasing a show into the world.

Do Your Pre-Work!

Don’t even think of promoting your show if you haven’t taken the time to create a press kit. The press isn’t going to take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously.

  • A press kit (examples: Love and Luck, Alba Salix, and The Big Loop)
  • A link to your show logos and artwork. You can host this on your website or set up a folder on Dropbox or Google Drive
  • A professional looking website with bios on everyone involved in your show
  • Transcripts. Aside from this being the right thing to do for accessibility purposes, why would you expect a reviewer to transcribe the parts of your show they want to write about? Trust me, they are busy enough.
  • A rollout plan! Know your pitch!

Do Your Research

Create a list of all of the people that review the type of show you are creating. I recommend a spreadsheet. We organized our by tabs for the different groups of people we would be reaching out to.

Your Pitch is About THEM Not You!

It’s really easy to just talk about ourselves and our new show. After all, we are trying to get people as super excited about it as we are.

  • A pre-release candidate of your first episode
  • Special show artwork
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Money (see next section)

Sponsorship Should Be In Your Budget

I believe we need to start putting some money on the table as show creators. I get that money is tight. But show launches don’t come around all that often.

Where to Start

Below are three great reviewers of audio dramas. Follow all three. Pay attention to what they look for in a show. Then pay attention to who they promote and speak with online. Your job is not to spam people with your show, but rather to build real relationships with the people who enjoy and review your type of show.

Get Help From Your Family, Friends and Fans

Every audio drama needs reviews. These help to get your show to appear in Apple’s New and Noteworthy. Reviews can also help new listeners feel more confidence in taking a chance to download a new show.



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