Photo by Artem Bali

Our Patreon Growth Experiment, Part Five

Trying out Special Offers

Defining Our Special Offer

We chose to offer a new sticker to anyone who chose to sign up on Patreon at the $5 or higher level by January 1st.

  • We commissioned a special image from Katharine Green
  • We got special stickers made
  • We set a deadline: end of day, January 1, 2019
  • We configured the special offer in Patreon (super straight forward)
  • We created promotional artwork on Adobe Spark (similar to
  • We created a blog post showing the sticker on Dec 11
  • We published a Patreon post about the program on Dec 11
  • We promoted the opportunity across Twitter and on our Instagram
  • We sent a newsletter to our Alba fans
  • A special announcement episode on the Alba Salix feed (they don’t get downloaded as much as the real episodes, but this was the best we could do at this time.)
  • A promotion inside our Holiday special for The End of Time and Other Bothers (this wouldn’t air until Dec 23rd.)
  • The purpose of building a community and what we hoped to achieve
  • Why everyone’s support matters to us as creators

Taking stock on Dec 22nd.

With about two weeks left in the campaign, I wanted to know where we stood.

The final week

Patreon recommends that all Special Offer programs include a strong push during the final week. A countdown was one of the recommended tactics, so we sat down and worked out a plan for the last five days of the campaign. Our idea was simple: let’s open up our locked content.

The Results for the Month

Our pledge growth at the end of December, 2018

Update on Special Offers Post-Campaign

My Takeaway

My takeaway is that the Special Offer program was totally worth the effort required. It takes us into the New Year with a very strong velocity and with solid new fans. And the engagement around showing what’s available to Patreon supporters is likely to continue to drive new support as people come across the published episodes on our feeds.



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