Our Patreon Growth Experiment

Reframing the value of pledges

Successful Patreon Creators Use High Value Perks their Supporters Want

To be a $2,000 a month Patreon creator you have to act like a $2,000 a month Patreon creator

Credit: Patreon blog announcement for patron profile pages

Stop and Assess the Health of your Patreon

Still early days, but this is SO much better than what it was!

Overhauling our First-level tier

Doubling down on our $5 tier.

Here are Some Other Perks We Love

  • Bloopers and Behind the Scenes special episodes
  • Character named after you
  • Commentary recordings
  • Monthly video conference chat with the creators / cast
  • Access to a patron-only show
  • Special physical artifacts that tie back into the show
  • Virtual seat at the table for a live-play one-shot
  • Fly on the wall at a recording session
  • Walk on (or remote recorded) roll in an Audio Fiction piece

Getting the Word Out!

Churn is an Active Force

Navigating Muddy Waters



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