Creating value across channels

At the risk of burying the lead, I wanted to close out this series with why email is such a critical part of turning a podcast into a successful business.

As podcasters, it is easy to view our audio feeds as the single most important tool for communicating with our fans and listeners. After all, we are podcasters and podcasts are one of the most intimate forms of entertainment on the planet.

But our feed is not always our most effective communications tool.

Using Automation to Delight Your Fans

Our podcast is just one place we need to delight our fans.

The difference between having a podcast and having a viable podcast business can be boiled down to how consistently we delight and amaze our listeners across channels.

This is because we need more than listeners to build a business; we require supporters and fans who feel good about their relationship with us. We have to build a brand.

Most of us don’t have the resources of a company behind us and are scrambling for resources (time and money) while also holding down full-time jobs. …

As podcasters, we are blessed with one of the most intimate forms of media — we join our fans in their private time where few others are invited.

And so one would think that as podcasters we would be masters of communicating with our listeners. But for many in the fiction podcasting space, outside of our feeds, communication is an afterthought at best.

This was me until that fateful day I met Chris Vasquez at Podcast Movement, now head of product development at AWeber.

Disclaimer: AWeber is a partner and sponsor of the Fable and Folly Network, but they did…

Eli and Sean taking a selfie together. Sean is wearing an other bothers sweatshirt and Eli a blue sweater.
Eli and Sean taking a selfie together. Sean is wearing an other bothers sweatshirt and Eli a blue sweater.

Eli and I have both have our share of mental health challenges but, until recently, these were not something we talked about much nor did we share this publicly.

Disclaimer: BetterHelp is running a sponsorship on our podcast, Alba Salix, Royal Physician. We struggled with whether or not to provide a link here, but decided that it was valuable for those looking for support. And they were kind enough to offer our listeners a discount.

When BetterHelp reached out to see if we’d be open to sponsorship, I was excited. This would be a great way to promote better access…

A bright hot air balloon of yellows, reds and blues behind over the ear headphones that hang from above.
A bright hot air balloon of yellows, reds and blues behind over the ear headphones that hang from above.

Getting to know our audience

The key to growing any audience is clarity and focus — to understand our audience better than anyone else.

In part two of this series, I create a survey of our podcast listeners using free online tools. But first, I want to explore how it is we define our audience.

You can find part one of this series here:

Audience Demographics vs. Specifics

Any marketing plan, potential advertiser or business partner will want to know who your audience is. It’s likely they will ask for your audience demographics. …

Make it all about the listener

One of the joys in starting the Fable and Folly Network is that I can now be a fractional member of the marketing team on so many of the shows I adore in the audio fiction space.

One of those shows, The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles, is written, directed, produced, sound designed and marketed by the amazing Ann Sloan. Working with Ann is a joy. Like many creators in the Audio Fiction space, she is driven, smart and gets more done in a day than the average person does in a week.

In one session, we penciled together a high level…

Exploring an essay by Ursula K. LeGuin

It feels like our world is on fire. And while audio fiction is seeing rapid growth, I disagree that podcast listeners are simply searching for escapism.

What if fiction is one of the most effective ways to understand and process the world around us during these turbulent times?

I am forever grateful to my friend Jasmin for turning me on to a series of essays written by fantasy and speculative fiction author Ursula K. LeGuin. In this article, I will be focusing on one specific essay, “Why are Americans Afraid of Dragons? (1974).”

For fantasy is true, of course. It…

Audio is such a rich, intimate and immersive medium and yet promoting what we create on social is anything but. How do we share an amazing scene from our latest episode? Do we just write a post with a link to our website? Do we include a still image? And to what end?

We started the Fable and Folly Network with a vision of a world where audio fiction producers could make a living from their work.

In contrast to today, when most audio fiction producers are unable to pay a living wage to anyone involved in their shows, including themselves.

And while every podcast creator must learn to develop multiple sources of income, there is one source in particular that most of us have been unable to master: advertising and sponsorship.

Photo by JC Gellidon

It can be tempting to halt all marketing and outreach efforts at a time like this, but with perhaps a few exceptions, I believe this would be a mistake.

In the B2B space, our prospects and customers are facing disruption and risks to their business across internal and external stakeholders. Simple things are no longer straight forward; from productivity, hiring, hosting meetings and even communicating priorities, leaders are searching for new solutions. We are also seeing significant impacts to product relevance, channel performance and customer behaviours. …

Sean Howard

Sean is a brand marketer, podcaster and co-founder of Fable and Folly.

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